Broads holidays is headed up by Clive Richardson, whose family have been involved with boating for at least 5 generations, it can be traced back to Robert Kemp wherry builder of Oulton Broad, who was also landlord of The Lady of the Lake public house.

Clive's father Robert (Bobby) Richardson was responsible for building the Richardsons fleet and eventually moving it to Stalham in 1958, continuing to build the fleet then selling to The Rank organisation in 1974. Robert carried on building boats in Catfield on a site he developed from a motor garage, here he built a number of boats including gun boats for Kuwait, fisheries protection vessels, pilot boats, private offshore craft and inshore craft private and hire for France, as well as for his new yard Horizon Craft in Acle.

It was during the 1980’s that Clive first developed an interest in boats and boat building.

Obviously too young to get involved, it wasn’t until 1984 when the Stalham was brought back, he spent just about every school holiday on the yard and most weekends, gaining experience in boat building, laminating, yard services, towing and slinging, eventually leaving education and taking a position in the engineering department until the age of 21, when a move into the office to work alongside his dad was the natural progression.

For the next 10 years, Clive was mainly involved with procurement and buying and selling pubs, restaurants, holiday parks, boat yards and boats.

Despite this time being interesting and informative, he realised his true passion lay within boating and with the backing of his father took the decision to design and build boats after a break of about 30 years. Clive also took over the helm at the Stalham yard for the next 7 years, while overseeing the boat building team for 10 years, eventually taking the step to take his part of the business and focus on his interests, which are boating, classic and modern, classic cars and his family.

It’s not unusual to see Clive out on the river sailing, or cruising with his family and friends.